France is an amazing country it is actually one the most developed countries in Europe. And because of this, there are several things that France stands out for in the world of Technology. That being said, allow us to us at some amazing and interesting facts about France, online casino francais en ligne and Technology.

The French and Technology

1.      France is the Leading European Country in e-Government

A recent study carried out by the United Nations states that France has become of the leading countries in online and telecommunications services. The study states that France is the leading European country and comes in fourth when ranked globally. The study as well the ranking was based on online services provided by the authorities, telecommunications infrastructure as well as the populations educational level. This makes France the world champion in online services.

2.      France is Home to Wi-Fi

If you are looking for a place that has an almost full coverage of Wi-Fi, then we suggest that you take a trip to France. According to statistics drawn by a firm called Maravedis Rethink, France is well ahead of USA when it comes to wi-fi terminals. USA has at least 9.58 million terminals whereas France has more than 13 million public wi-fi terminals.

3.      France is Leading in Big Data

Big Data is what you want to use to make sure that your company is doling well in its field. It one of the most sort after technological advancements. While many countries are still struggling to grasp the concept of Big Data and its importance in the tech world, France as casino en ligne is way ahead of them all. As they have several companies that has successfully managed to big data to improve their efficiency.

4.      e-Learning in France is a Breeze

e-Learning is concept that many countries are trying their best to implement. This as it saves space and students are able to learn at their pace as well as study other things as they do so. France, is one the of the few countries in the world that has fully incorporated e-learning into their system.

5.      France is Digitally Connected

Earlier we mentioned the vast number of wi-fi terminals in France. This then shows just how digitally connected people in France are. Statistics recorded in 2018 show that 83% of the people in France use the internet as compared to an average of 75% of the rest of the European countries.

6.      France Loves Social Networks

With all the wi-fi terminals and the 83% of people that use the internet, it is no shock that France loves social networking as well. A study carried out to show how much the French love social networking revealed that at least 42% of Facebook’s 28 million users are French.


As we can see, when it comes to technology and being digitally connected the French are one of the leading countries in Europe. This is a good thing as we are moving to a totally digital age and the more people embrace technology and all that it brings, the better.