Technology is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. That is why companies want to make sure that they are always introducing new and user technology inventions for the people to use. and part of those many countries that are making sure to leave their mark in the technology advancements is France. The French are making sure that they create inventions that all the French people can use. These inventions are of course available to everyone else in the world as well, see more casino francais en ligne
. And with that, allow us to us walk you through some of the top B2B French Tech of 2020.

B2B French Tech Inventions


This product was created by Dassualt Systemes. SolidWorks is a product and a machine design tool. It helps with 3D data creation, publication, simulation as ell as management. Dassault Systemes made sure to create a product that has a very friendly user interface, making the product very easy to use. And with SolidWorks, the French have managed to expand the 3D audience.


Social media is where all the marketing is taking place these days. As such, one needs to make sure that they have  a means that enables them to monitor their social media presence.  And with Mention, you can do just that.

Mention is a powerful social media monitoring tool. This tool will help companies keep track of their social media presence. Mention will alert companies when they have been referenced on social media platforms, in forum discussions or in blogs. Hence the name Mention. As soon as your name his motioned they will give you a heads up.


AgoraPulse is another tool that the French have created to make sure that you are well aware of your social media presence. With AgoraPulse however, you will focus on 6 main areas, these are:

  1. Social Inbox
  2. A unified Publisher
  3. Advanced Analytics
  4. Automatic Moderation
  5. Audience Qualifications and ranking
  6. Competitor Analysis

With AgoraPulse, you are able not only able to monitor your social media presence, you are also able to create a social media marketing strategy. We have to honest, monitoring your online presence on social media can be chaotic but with this tool you are able to do so with ease.


casino en ligneVideoLan is created by a company of the same name. With just 21 employees, this company seeks to make a change in the French technology world.

The company created VideoLan which is an open source CMS tool. With this tool, users are able to share and provide access to various media files. VideoLan is a non-profit organization and provides users with DVD’s, CD’s, VCDs and other various streaming protocols.


These are but a few of the business to business technological products that the French have managed to create. And with these are sure to see the growth in French managed business as they have several tools, products and services to help them to do so. And as technology continues to develop, we are sure that we will see many more of them.