Technology is fascinating we all have to admit that. And as fascinating as technology may be, we also have to admit that can be quite mysterious as well. And because of all the mystery and the fascination that comes with technology, certain beliefs are born. While some of these technological myths are true, some are not. And if you are curios of what to believe and what to believe when it comes to French technology, then we suggest that you keep on reading.

Demystifying French Tech Myths

·         Better Specs = Great Device?

Most people, and not just the French alone believe that if a device has more specs then that device is automatically better. And even as we look for new devices, we always make sure that we check the specs of the device first before we buy it.  However, just because your device has great specs, this does mean that you have a great device as well.

The main reason for this lies in the task that you want to do. If you want to get more done, sure, the specs may count to certain extent, however if you are doing what you usually do, trust us, you will not be able to see any difference in the specs.

·         It’s Impossible To Build A Successful Tech Business In France

This is another thing that most people from France believe. Someone got the idea into their heads that is impossible to run a successful company in France. However, a testimony from Collette Ballou proves that is not true at all. Collette, started a business in France with the help of foreign investors and she managed to grow her business by 20% by the end of 2019.

·         Closing iPhone Saves Battery Life


Many people are always looking for ways that they can preservice their battery. Be it the French like casino france, the American the Brits and basically anyone who uses a phone. And in attempt to try and save our battery life, we have tendency of closing all the unused tabs.

However, just because you closed those apps, does not mean that you battery will last longer.

·         Browsing In Incognito Actually Hides Your Browsing History

To the Frenchmen and women who believe this, we are sad to say that it is not true. Browsing in incognito can keep other people from checking your browsing history, but trust us, people are the least of your problems.  This as even as you browse with incognito, the moment that you open an online shopping page you will traced for life. And trust us, it’s easier to keep people off your browsing back that it is to keep an online shopping site off your back.


As we mentioned earlier that technology is mysterious and there is a lot about it that we still don’t know. That is why at times, we tend to believe everything that we hear about it. However, there is no harm in first double checking somethings before you rush to believe. This is the smart and wise choice to take.